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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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, it is less, than. and so on. Over


Favourite patters sauce.Galina lot of raspberry.Goes Lyuba near oak us to look at Luba pleasure.Famously sawing Philippe chunk out of the limetrees.Dust flying across the field from the sound of hoofbeats.Nick wood Colette, Field field mission.At the gate Antipas one lime, and Philip put five lip.Grandfather Philip divides the melon slice Dina, slice Lina.Sawing and I get the profile and Kolya.Whether Kolya near collie, whether collie near Koli.

Connect corners

The first the biggest semicircle odes the foot of color, then is slightly less the second, then the third.Semicircle, the fourth by the size, the same color, as a per vy.It is better to use three primary colors red, SI ny and yellow.Connect corners of each semicircle among themselves so, that the cap turned out.Stick together them Moment glue, give those to dry out.Caps it is possible to put on one another, to hide one under another to build in a row, to build of them a turret.Show to the kid at first only two caps the big and small between them there is more than distinction one color, acquaint him with words big, small; it is more, it is less.


To cut boiled fish and potatoes small slices.To clear a cucumber and to cut.To mix all components of salad, to lay out in a salad bowl, to strew greens.Vinaigrettes Vinaigrette vegetable Carrots g, beet g, potatoes g, cucumbers g, cabbage the fermented g, green onions g, salad g, vegetable oil g, either gas station salad, or mayonnaise g, salt to taste.To slice boiled potatoes, beet, carrots thin, also to cut cucumbers, green or onions.

Let him say that

Certainly there will be paired CT the point with the image of animals, birds, fruits, ovo cabbage soup and so on.Put four pairs of pictures, so baby good Senko them reviewed.Let him say that to them on handdrawn, and remember where the same.Turn pictures face down.And now open one of them and ask your child to find her a couple.Open the card until then, until all couples I found.Game develops visual memory, attention, used the resistance.Two and a half to three years Puzzles and blocks with numbers The principle of mathematical puzzles is that in the picture depicts the figure, and under the picture is located the pocket in which to invest match the total number of subjects.

Teachers drew

They together considered its sheet and those kushchy estimates to understand where there can be problems.Teachers drew a conclusion that the main weak place of Cory written tasks.The teacher of English provided the list of the main objectives ru brikator for written tasks also agreed to sort it with Cory before he starts performing a task, and also to see the first PART III.We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER the project of the boy to define, how well it checked the work also adhered to headings.Having received control contradict for different spheres, looking through them before work and receiving assessment of its quality from other people the teacher, the manager etc.

They are localized

Most often vesicles appear on the face and scalp part of the head , shoulders, chest, belly, limbs in the form of spots and bubbles on being liquid.They are localized and oral mucosa, age, Nosara smallpox The emergence of new vesicles may again with be accompanied by increased body temperature , the deterioration of the General condition.There may be General in toxicitiy.Rash accompanied by itching of the skin.When to consult a doctor If skin rash appears and improving body temperature necessarily call your doctor of polyclinics.

We will

You already have to have a complete picture that to a being et three main approaches in work with weak organizational nava Kami.In the following part we will pass from overall picture to a prakticha to sky application of theories.So if you are not sure yet as ispol to zovat in practice that already learned, continue reading.We will describe training rituals and the short plan of action developed on osno ve our professional and parental experience.They will help re to sew a number of the problems arising in everyday life because of not enough developed organizational skills of children.

The language

The nature and amount of exercise in section consistent with these features.THE FIRST STAGE SOUND WARM UP AND SYLLABIC EXERCISES Acquaintance with the correct position of the organs of articulation the pronunciation of sound Shch Sauce how to properly pronounce the sound S Lips round forward.Teeth are not compressible, the distance between them big up the horn.The language is broad, high rises upwards.The front part language comes close to potolook, but not touching it.The neck is not buzzing.

When we give

He touches them, strokes, rumples between fingers also speaks It is a velvet, it is a thin cloth, it is rough cloth, etc.Such exercise excites general interest.When we give to the child any subject, for example, the sheet of satin paper, our small meeting trembles waiting for its answer.Weights.We seat the child at the table and we pay its attention to plates, with which used at education of barichesky feeling, we allow it to state the already known again to it distinctions in weight, and then we suggest to put all dark plates that is heavier, to the right, and light plates that is easier, on the left.

You need

nd option.You need an ordinary ball is there will be a spaceship.Children transfer or a perekidyva yut in a circle each other a ball with words The ship flies from Mars to Jupiter, telling the name and a name of the one to whom they give or throw a ball.WHO BEHIND WHOM STANDS At first the adult has to give to children the chance to remember an order of an arrangement of planets in the solar to system.For this purpose children have to hear not once or twice, in what order planets, from lips are located adult.


To come up with that can help the children to reach the shore.Respect within the mind but to add to the picture the missing item motor boat, life ring, raft log etc.To make full, interesting, coherent story with a happy end.UNSUCCESSFUL SKATING TIVITIE FROM THE COUNTRY VYDUMANNYE Look in each of the fantastic animal body parts you know animals.Races to say that can do that unusual animal to fly, swim, crawl, to live among ice for a long time without water etc.Make up a story about each fabulous beast where did it come from, who met, what did.

Onetwo days

To the child with an allergy only fresh juice is necessary.Juice this independent dish, which it is necessary to use separately from all other food.To drink juice it is necessary in minutes prior to the next meal.Juice is entered not with h.spoons, and from twothree drops in a spoon of boiled water.Onetwo days are necessary to wait, and then to give drops and so to bring to a single day portion h.spoons by the beginning of the third month.It is possible to change juice not more often than time in weeks.

Are slowly

The st group kalorigenny sorbite, also fructose ksilit.Consumption of these g sakharozamenitel are formed by kcal, i.e.as much, how many and usual sugar.Are slowly soaked up from a digestive tract and significantly do not influence on the level of sugar of blood and need of an organism for insulin.Twice more with pleasure than sugar that allows to use them in twice smaller doses.Daily consumption should not exceed g as the increase in a dose can to cause poslablyayushchy action and bellyaches.

Signs of active

The stress, negative emotions slow down development oxytocin.Signs of active secretion of oxytocin are release of milk in time preparation for feeding, when crying the child, a milk effluence from the second breast in feeding time, painful uterine reductions at the recently given rise women, feeling of compression and a pricking in a mammary gland.Hormones inhibitors contain in milk, work at the insufficient gland depletion, slowing down milk secretion.BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF WOMEN'S MILK Evolution of development resulted in features of dairy feeding, specific to each species of mammals.

How much

In result in day of lack of a chair the state can worsen again, there will be already high temperature and on its background symptoms even more considerable damage of a digestive tract.How much time you need not to feed the child?Weight of a state defines vomiting the more often at the kid vomiting, the is longer than him it is necessary to hold without food, but in enough to give to drink.If vomiting frequent, painful, it is necessary to give to drink in the small portions the cooled drink.Sometimes to kids drip liquid from a pipette each minutes.

Then unclench

And you can hide the toy under the blanket, and how to get it.Draw a marker on your thumb face and hide it in a fist.Then unclench a fist and ska resident Ku ku!Game develops associative thinking.From year to eighteen months top, Top, top stop!Take baby by the hand, walk with him across the room and prigovarivaya Top, top, top, top, top stop!The word stop!stop.Now set skipping GOP.GOP GOP.GOP, GOP stop!The word stop!again will stop.The game develops coordination and strength croup different muscles.

The nature

Nature is very rich she not only writes a delightful picture, but ode consider us a wonderful spices!And music and poetry., Nature, I agree, is an inexhaustible source for Liu the God kind of creativity!Hence, nature is good!realize granddaughter.The nature of good in superlatives it is generous!And does not ask anything for it.Only one careful attitude!I'm her carefully to love!promises Lisa.And I!catches up Kirill.Nature is inexhaustible source for any kind of creativity!


About read ten one ten showed also zero units, that is it is more any circle showed.Added one more , called, showed structure one ten and one unit.It is possible to show all numbers to hundred, if, of course, at you there are ten templates.Of course, it needs to be done not for one occupation.Suggest the child to be trained, selecting figure to to the necessary quantity of circles and, on the contrary, the necessary quantity of circles to to a certain figure.SIMPLE MATHEMATICAL ACTIONS When the child got acquainted at least with the two first tens, it is possible to study addition and subtraction.

Water with

To warm up sour cream to °C, to add salt solution, chopped hardboiled egg and small cut greens of parsley or fennel.Water with this sauce potato, carrot and krupyany patties, and also boiled fish.Mushroom sauce Mushrooms dried g, water glasses, a flour h.spoons, butter h.a spoon, salt to taste.Dried mushrooms to wash up and wet for hours then to cook in the same to water on weak fire , hours.To dismiss in a kastryulka of h.

Can seem

N and r An of their N e t ap ah about uch e N iya d et holes of N e about x about dy and sushch e stvo e N of N aya p about power.Can seem that actually a half of work is done by you.Over time the situation has to improve, especially if at the end of porridges that occupation you praise the child that at it well turned out.Especially note that began to turn out exactly this time.Ska is possible to zat Very much it was pleasant to me as now you consulted from heading mi all thought up itself, and my help was not necessary.

Is infinity

Is infinity lyrics, I say, painting word!Let Lisa is a poet!suddenly said Cyril, and I know who I will be!Whom?I would like to learn how to paint that picture sparkled and shimmered like this snow, all colors of the rainbow!This is a very difficult task, I say, the hardest thing for an artist is to pass on the canvas refracted sunlight!This can only real master.Then I'll be!confidently says grandson!You'll become the most famous artist!

At the same

Then the temperature of the water slowly increase from to C for minutes.That warming was happening faster , mix water by hand.ATTENTION!You cannot put supercooled child of sorrow I smell the water!This will lead to injury.At the same time gently massage atmo regenye areas of the body.When the sensitivity recovers and skin pinkish, Pat child,Overheating, heat and sunstroke put him in bed and drink hot tea or milk.If frostbite ears and face, after all PE listed procedures the skin more wipe with vodka and lubricate baby cream.


Keeping visual incentive of a graphic sign, defiant articulation and followed by acoustical incentive of the corresponding sound said the teacher, it is possible to improve their articulation; this articulation on an environment it is connected with the heard speech, i.e.at the sounds caused by visual incentive and at repetition corresponding movements of organs of speech the acoustical incentive entered into exercise promotes to improvement of a pronunciation of the single or difficult sounds making the oral word.When the child takes dictation later, translating into a sign language speech sounds, he decomposes the word heard by it on separate sounds, transferring them to the graphic movements on ways, already become passable thanks to corresponding muscular feelings.


They together saw the list, and mother offered one additional step.The list became control ny for a task.Having understood idea, Cory approached the manager and asked, as to increase efficiency at work.The manager was glad to help, and Cory agreed that in two weeks it again will approach it, that about to trust, how correctly he understood everything.To apply the same way at school it was more difficult because of abundance of subjects and a variety of work.At first Cory with mother met all his teachers, and he objyas Nile over what wants to work.

On the street

Smart walks So Alekhina Ordinary miracle As soon as we enter into the Conservatory, envelops us humid Noah heat.On the street is still snow surprised Lisa, and here the heat some summer!On this planet is inhabited by plants that like heat and moisture, such as these orchids!They look like great white butterflies!notes granddaughter.True, I agree.And these tiny and striped?asks Kirill, too orchids!Too.And those similar to the Shoe?Yes.How many different kinds!

The purpose

Let's imagine that we took the first subject whetstone into which solids are inserted.In the corresponding nests whetstone ten small wooden cylinders, which diameter of the basis a post are inserted penno decreases on millimeters.Game is that cylinders take out from nests, put on a table, mix, and then put back in the corresponding places in whetstone.The purpose of this game to accustom an eye to distinctive perception of the sizes.With backward children it is necessary to begin such exercise with incentives, more sharply office stiruyushchy, and it is possible to approach this game after a long line of other exercises.

What will I do there? There

What will I do there?There are water drops and my brothers sunlight play rainbow!Oh Oh Oh!he cried a little piece of ice, I don't want you Slu hear, you ruined my life!Books and Yaks So Alekhina But everything happened exactly as told to Ray.The former ice appeared friends, and life became joyful, diverse and extremely beautiful!Now, I see, said the former Ldinka what the chap sing I was afraid to move.These trips up and down and colorful dances bring me incomparable joy!Thank you, Ray!Please, dear, smiled the Beam.

If you found

.Put the child a tummy along your forearm.His head arrange on an internal surface of the bent elbow, and support feet palm.Hold the kid strong.Other hand press it a tummy in forearm.If you found the correct situation, the child's tummy will relax, eyebrows will finish, intense extremities will hang freely, as lashes.It is possible to turn the kid on the contrary that him the chin lay on palms, a stomach on a forearm, and back part of a body on an elbow bend..

All maples

You come ka, ka find out!Lit green star, run the spaceship there.In the green foliage of the green beetles looks of it, to the sky flying moths.Wind serpent, not sparing, on birch circled, wind serpent, not wishing to birch laid.All maples became red, and neither Desnitsa.Times still all red who cares!.FORMATION DERIVATIVE SOUND SHCH Consonant Shch is derived from basic sound W.Formation derived th sound in speech of the child requires less time any and effort than similar articulation bazo the first sound.

You cannot

You cannot restrict freedom baby!Cough The cough may be different reasons Neuve roticheskie, allergies, infectious, traumatic etc.The nature of cough and accompanying sign is possible to assume , they called him.If a baby has normal temperature and sa sochuvstvie and cough does not prevent the child is , play and sleep, as happens in those moments when he experiences or something upset , it of all, the cause of cough is purely psychological.If the coughing starts suddenly, attack mi, wakes the child at night, has persisted, this infectious disease.


Two and a half to three years Lotto Buy baby bingo with bright large pictures.Before you start the game, review with him the pictures on the cards.Ask him What's here drawn?Who is this?Look at the drawings, Nari Sovana on the playing field.Ask your child to find the corresponding card and put them on the field.May he calls each image.Once all field will be filled in, remove microSD CI and ask the child again put them on month there is now already own.

Fish to clean, draw, wash

Fish omelet Fish g, milk glasses, butter ?h.spoons, egg piece, wheat flour h.spoons, salt to taste.Fish to clean, draw, wash and cut off pulp from bones.To cut fillet slices to roll in in a flour and to fry in the heated oil.Then to put in fireresistant bowl to fill in with the egg which is shaken up with milk and to bake in an oven.Meat dishes In baby food lowfat grades of meat are applied beef, veal, pork, and also meat of hens, turkeys, rabbits.Problem of preparation of dishes from meat is the satisfaction of requirements the growing child's the organism in protein, vitamins and mineral salts, part from which it is not synthesized in an organism.


Game develops thinking, develops the ability to think.Two and a half to three years Confusion Tell a funny phrase Paul is on the table, Di van lies on the Pope, etc.Of course, the baby immediately noticed the error.Look those, how fun he laughs!And once understood, let them say how to speak properly.Exchange roles.Complicate the game, making it less noticeable errors.On example On the street is very hot, so we shall wear coat, hat and boots.

Very much

In the beginning do mashed potatoes from one vegetable either cabbage, or a vegetable marrow.In some days it is possible to add the second component potatoes which is soaked previously in to cold water within hours.Further enter other vegetables.Very much carrots and beet are useful, but they give allergic reactions, sometimes the connected with accumulation of chemicals nitrates, herbicides.At absence allergic reaction start adding vegetable oil to mashed potatoes, gradually increasing its quantity from drops to h.

Small scale. Beam


Then turn his back and clearly, highlighting Golo com audio L spell words from memory.Consolidation pronunciation audio L in words.The skills of sound syllabic analysis Count the number of syllables in the names of products chocolate, sausages, apples, wt lo, eggplant, milk, salad, candy, placing a hand under the lower jaw.Bodbe ri for each of your refrigerator.List the contents of all refrigerators, leased the legitimacy of the sound L.Consolidation pronunciation audio L in combinations with the preposition at Take pictures of the girl and boy in Annex .

If nobody

It is necessary to explain rules to all who can be it is anyway involved in a situation.If nobody turns the attention to tears, the child will gradually cease to cry though at first the situation can even become worse.It is not necessary to set as the purpose to liquidate all similar cases because children have also good reasons for crying.That to understand, whether normally to the child to cry in this or that situation, it is enough to compare of it to any child of the same age.Will be whether crying by natural reaction to a situation?

To oil Formochka

Prunes to wash out, wet on hours in cold water and to wipe through a sieve.To oil Formochka and to strew with crackers.To lay rice and prunes in a formochka.To alternate layers the top layer has to be from rice.From above to crumble butter and to put in an oven.To give ready rice with the syrup welded on prunes broth with addition of tablespoon of sugar.In the same way it is possible to bake rice with apple segments, previously boiled in the sweetened water.

Can just

So after several to hours after appearance of the rash in its place can to receive the scratches child doesn't know measures and races carabinae the skin to the blood.The emergence of allergic the rash usually very reactive.This means that it comes on suddenly, flashes for short who period of time.Can just as quickly disappeared to us, maybe a little Oganov, not to linger on how many days.In most cases you can install inter the relationship between the appearance of the rash and eating determi divided by the product.Especially, when the reaction occurred by repeatedly.

Progress of positive

By our method we podgotovlyat infancy modern to us mankind.In the real civilization stages people are mainly observers of the environment, because they have to use all its riches to the last of possible limits.Modern art, as well as at the time of Greeks, relies on supervision of truth.Progress of positive science it is based on supervision.All opening and inventions of the last century, so considerably having transformed shy our life, were made on the same bases at supervision means.

Select lures

Moles Matures, there's growing demand.Select lures Domestic canned products are divided into for children months they have gomogenizirovannykh con Silenzio, i.e.the meat is very thinly crushed, de children to months of age puree and mA Lisa months and older krupnoizmelchennom.Check the manufacture date and time storage availability of comprehensive information on the composition of the product, terms of storage, the recommendations on its application, information about the manufacturer, including address and contact phones.

Having earned

Strengthening of steady attention will manage to perform tasks in a class.Having earned a certain quantity stickers, the girl will be able to choose something pleasant for herself from the list special encouragement.Step .Establishment of the behavioural purposes Target organizational skill steady attention Specific behavioural goal Ellen has to perform tasks in a class in the allowed time Step .Change of an environment What subjects people will help to achieve the objectives?Tasks will be broken into fragments The timer and reminders of the teacher to establish him The test list for tasks Teacher's reminders What concrete skills will be received by the child who will train him how?


Cut out from a cardboard of three flowers fifteen figures seven squares and in seven rectangles.The size of the smallest figure is x cm, pain necks x cm.Divide all figures into sections.GAME TURRETS Show to the child of a figure, ask, whether he knows as they are called.Popro sieve to find all squares, all pryamougol nicknames.If it is difficult for the child soriyentiro to vatsya in a complete set, give it some figures.Show to the child two strips different lengths of identical color.

Let's take, for example, the letter

The letter in particular appears amazingly easy business.Let's take, for example, the letter under dictation here a full parallel to oral speech because here the motor act has to correspond to the heard word.However, there is no mysterious continuity between the word the heard and articulate word; but the movement of the letter it is much simpler than movements, neobkho words, dimy for pronouncing, they are also carried out by rough external muscles, on which we we can directly act, establishing impassability of motive ways and psycho muscular mechanisms.

The clothes

The clothes have to cover as much as possible the child's body, especially head and shoulders; it is contraindicated to children to be on the sun between hours, when the sun is most active.It is necessary to use nurseries regularly sunprotection means, Jonson’s suncare baby, Lotion with a factor protection and Cream with a factor of protection ; pledge of healthy skin of the child, except the correct carrying out hygienic procedures, are the correct selection of a kidswear from the natural, hygroscopic, well erased materials and regular massage.

First practice

Magic tunnel THERE is such a flexible tube through which you can climb, as through the tunnel.Case it is made of bright fabrics, will pull on the frame.First practice her ball let the kid will see the CIO that of pipe output.Then hit the ball inside and ask your child to get his hand out.Soon the child will want to get into the tunnel and about to crawl through it.You can play hide and seek what had happened to the baby?Ah, there he is!

They called

We while it in the school, she said.They called the authorities and the implementation of both razlichnuyu work.Right, said Sam.In chelovecheskom body INR a number of bodies, and they all do their specific jobs.One of these bodies, which you might not hear Shala, moveway bubble.Annie of pomagala head.She never talked about tugevam bladder.And the TRP's he doing?she asked.His sadaka to collect all can, which is no longer needed on the body.

On the other

More liberal kindergartens are in time, especially in Europe where school day is more long.On the other hand, Montessori's system does not exclude the games developing imagination.But zha Montessori, at the undoubtedly deep interest not only to public, but also to esthetic, idealistic and even religioz to Nome to education, it is negative and with neglect speaks of games and silly fairy tales the certificate that she is not familiar with remarkable art of the American nurseries yet gardeners in use of this help.However, the American children's gardener does not resort to silly fairy tales, but that she tells fairy tales, and with big advantage.

Or cry out an order

Through some games, held in the same group, it is possible not to cry out names at all, and to shout Children!Home.And then to check, whether planets correctly were located.Or cry out an order of planets incorrectly, and then look, whether they will listen to you or will rise as rose always.PLANETS SOLAR SYSTEM SOLAR SYSTEM When children already well know names of planets also do not frighten them an order, it is possible to try a stake lektivno to represent the model of solar system.Tell children that planets on most business do not stand, having stood in the row though such too it happens, but it is very rare.

Each the eye is processed

CHILDHOOD DISEASES .Eyes rinse with warm boiled water , tea leaves, chamomile.Each the eye is processed in separate cotton, Tampa nom from the outer corner of the eye to the inner .The procedure should be repeated times a day.Dry lips vaseline grease with oil , baby cream.Nose clean cotton swab dipped tion in vaseline oil.At a cold in the nose buried solutions vasoconstrictor ka PEL.When coughing let's medicine for cough or other expectorants in age wide leaders doses.Antipyretics paracetamol, Panadol is given to children at a temperature of .

Think up the options

In onetwo toys put the rustling cellophane packages, in Wad Dra gy fill old buttons, in the third buckwheat or oatflakes.Except selfmade rag toys, on a firtree it is possible to hang up still something.Buy in a newsstand a little cheap plastic charms, stock up with candies if your child has no an allergy and tie them tesemochka.Think up the options of decoration of a firtree.And put those gifts which it is impossible for a podva in pockets to sit, books, machines, a doll and so on.


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